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Having a good night sleep is quite challenging to most of us, especially to those who work all day either in front of the computer (which means radiation) or under the super hot sun. It takes a couple of hours for you to experience a good slumber because there is still these headache, neck pain, back or muscle pain to ruin your only-time to rest.

It is not just the medicine or food that could cure whatever discomfort you might have. There are times that all you need is just a soft and huggable pillow.

Uratex Philippines, the country’s largest manufacturer of commercial and automotive polyurethane foam products offers best kind of comfort anyone is looking for. They have variety of products from mattresses, pillows, living room set to anything that has foam content. And yes, they have the best kind of foam you want to sit on or lie on.

It invests in newer and updated technologies to gain operational excellence in order to manufacture the best foam products that conform to the strictest global standards yet are available at the most affordable price segments.

Uratex embraced the “Hydra-gel Technology” as part of getting into innovation. This is also a something that Uratex is proud of. This technology allows the infusion of gel beads to lower body temperature down to two degrees, so that there will be “Tulog ay mahimbing, masarap ang gising,” as what its slogan said.

Uratex is a brand under RGC Group of Companies and is famous for its commitment to product quality and excellence, sound financial management and inspiring people skills. Its “Quali 5 Cellular Techology” also ensures high degree of product superiority and world-class quality. This Quali 5 Cellular Technology summarizes the Uratex qualities to success, namely: strong adherence to quality, quality assurance for it’s ISO-certified company, world class state of the art equipment used in producing foams, world-class formulation and process engineering technology and usage of best raw materials.

The good news that I want to tell you is that Uratex has already expanded its networks here in Cagayan de Oro through plant and showroom located in Gusa, Cagayan de Oro City. It was opened to the media people last week.

The Uratex showroom is made to expose the entire collection but its products are also available in its retailer malls such as Gaisano and Limketkai Mall.



Photo: Mr. Shaun Uy


Uratex business also include plastic products, aside from the foam. Actually, RGC Group of Companies in which Uratex is under, is a house of a number of companies! RGC Group of Companies thriving foam businesses began in 1968 through its founder Robert Cheng and later on expanded into related businesses to address the growing needs of the automotive furniture, bedding, footware, textile, garment, and food industries. Under its roof include Multican and Roberts Automotive and Industrial Part MFC Corporation, RGC Textile Manufacturing Corporation and Multiflex RNC Inc.


The first pic is a chair that’s like Lola’s rocking chair. Modern rocking chair though!


The launching held also included a plant tour where we were introduced to the processes that involves on how foam are processed and foam products such as mattresses are made. It actually goes on three stages, in which one is “cunning” (I’m not a good listener though). But after foam are formed from its liquid stage, it will wait 24 hours to be cut. Those will be then tested in the laboratory if it’s safety enough, and soft enough too, to be made into mattresses. To the ones who won’t pass will be recycled and used in other ways. I’m sorry, I don’t have pictures of their plant because we are not allowed to.


-and, but course. ‘took this instead. LOL.


Photo: Mr. Shaun Uy

Uratex, media practitioners and bloggers photo op.


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