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Before indulging myself into my full-time “Zzz” Sunday, I am super fortunate to find myself sitting at the Misto “Al Fresco” of Seda Centrio Hotels the night before. It is the one of the expensive yet promising, modern and state-of-the-art hotels in Cagayan de Oro City.

Seda Centrio Hotels is even located in the center of the booming Oro metropolis and creatively connected to Centrio Ayala Mall.



Photo: Misto area inside Seda Centrio
Photo: Misto area inside Seda Centrio

And so because it is Saturday when I went there, it is the Chill and Grill night in Seda Centrio. According to the hotel’s Director of Sales, Ms. Carol Valdez (who accommodated me overwhelmingly), Chill and Grill is one of the activities they organize every week to give more twist and exciting offers to their walk-in diners, which could be a something most of them could look forward to in their hotel.

In the Chill and Grill, customers can enjoy buffet of grilled items with live reggaemusic coming from a band set at the outdoor part of the Misto Al Fresco.


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So, this is their band for Saturdays. At that night, there are just two of them though. However, Ms. Carol said that they are many members in this band.








You can have “make your own pasta” in here. You just have to select the ingredients that you like, then give it to the chefs and they will be the one who will cook it. 10 9


Above the outdoor area, customers could also have a view on the blue swimming pool. I also found out that the pool area could only be availed until night time, particularly 10pm. Overnights are not allowed. Other than, Chill and Grill, there are also other one-of-a-kind food preparations Seda is up to. The entire week is a food festival where themes are unique each day, such as for example during Mondays, they are into “Alacart.” In the other days, they prepare sea foods, and international cuisines.

Photo: Screenshot from Seda Hotels website.
Photo: Screenshot from Seda Hotels website.

You can also visit for more food offerings from Seda Centrio Hotel.

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